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Church Update 7/11/23

by Mark l. Holz on July 11, 2023

Church Update 07/11/23

Dear Church Family,   

We have a lot going on this week!   

All Church Member Meeting Sunday, July 16th at 11:00 am   

The Pastoral Search Team is ready to share the results of our “all church” survey which will take place in a separate meeting after this coming Sunday’s service at 11:00am.  We also plan to share the minor updates that have been made to our “Mission Statement” and “Statement of Faith”.  Copies will be made available for you to take home and review.  Any comments or input will be welcomed!   

June Attendance/Giving Results    

We will be sharing our monthly report for the recently closed month of June this Sunday.  Our first half financial report will be given at a separate business meeting in the near future.   

Children’s Ministries  

I’m happy to announce that we have completed our background checks for our Children’s Ministry volunteers and are now communicating the availability of this program to the public as you may have seen on our marquee out front.    

This is a big step for us as we open up this returning facet to our church and many thanks to the ladies who have volunteered including Zena Elliott who has taken the lead on coordination of this.  Let’s make some future disciples!  

Church Security Team   

In addition to that, as we grow once again as a church, we are evaluating current needs and one of those identified is proper security.  Without going into too much detail, I want you to know that we have a team of men who are monitoring the property and building each Sunday.

With our Children's Ministry starting up again, we have moved the classroom to a less visible space and installed a security bar at the back entrance to allow us to lock the door back there during service so any unwanted intruder cannot simply walk in.

All doors are being monitored as well (also to let in any late comers) and our team is equipped as necessary to communicate and address any issues.

As you know from living in Calaveras County, it is not unusual for residents to have CCW permits and we anticipate some of you have these in your possession.  Our caution is that if a situation should occur, please let the security team handle it so we can address it in an orderly and planned fashion.

Discontinuation of Barnabas Ministry  

Since 2007, the Barnabas Ministry of encouraging pastors across the country has been a part of LTBC.  Following discussions with Pastor Ted (over the last couple of years), Dave Kaja (who has administered the program the last eight years), Dede, and others, based on recent participation it has been the unanimous consensus to suspend this ministry for the time being to concentrate efforts on other emerging ministries, such as our children’s program.  As noted above, this isn’t a sudden decision and has been deliberated on for a number of years as participation has dropped.

The key reasons are as follows;

  1. For the first 13 years of the ministry, we averaged 49 Pastors per year (48 was the goal).  In the last four years, that annual number has dropped significantly to well less than half that.  To date this year, we have received nominations from just three families.  We believe God is directing us in a different direction based on the trend we’re seeing.  
  2. With the emergence in the last few years of the “American church” turning more and more liberal, it is virtually impossible to determine if in fact we are unwittingly encouraging churches and pastors that may support non-biblical stances on such things as abortion, gay marriage, homosexuality, and many other issues of our day.  For us to encourage those that promote these things would not be an appropriate use of the resources God has entrusted us with.  
  3. Lastly, and I want to emphasize this is the LAST reason we would consider, but to be realistic, financially the Barnabas Ministry, while having a collection box available each Sunday has never supported itself.  Again, with what we are seeing God bringing to the church, there are other areas that deserve our support while the activity with this ministry has experienced a steep decline.  

We thank Brother Dave Kaja for his excellent, loyal and consistent support in administrating this program for the better part of a decade and we celebrate the over 700 Pastors who were recognized in this ministry over the years.  

As we move forward, as we’ve been saying all year, “Let’s See What God Brings Next!”  

Have a blessed week!