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Church Update 06/27/23

by Mark L. Holz on June 27, 2023

Church Update 06/27/23


Dear Church Family,  

Here is what is going on at LTBC this week;  

Our Tuesday Evening Prayer meetings continue to be held at 6:00pm.  We hope you can join us!  

Good news on building maintenance/improvements!

  • We now have two operational swamp coolers in Fellowship Hall.
  • We have repaired the “close-assist” unit on the southeast door and are working on further improvements for both back doors for safety and security.
  • More to come!

Children’s Ministries

We had eleven children at yesterday’s service, praise God for what he is bringing!  

Our Pastoral Search Team has completed step one (“Educate”) and is now starting work on steps two and three (“Develop” and “Identify”) of our five step process with a summary below;
1. Educate - We've completed the review of two books, "To What Should We Be Loyal?" and "When the Word Leads Your Search" and also reviewed the results from the church survey.  
2. Develop - We're currently reviewing/revising (where necessary) our current "Mission Statement", "Statement of Faith" and "Tagline".  These elements will help better communicate who we are as a church to outside audiences.
3. Identify - We're just beginning first drafts of information about the Copperopolis area and our church to present to potential Pastoral candidates.  This information, along with the items under the "Develop" stage will be the first "filter" for prospective Pastors in determining potential alignments and differences.
We will be sharing this work with you at an upcoming church meeting where we’ll review the results of last month’s survey and what it is telling us.

HR & Legal Expertise Needed!

We are looking for individuals within or outside the church who have a background in either Human Resources (HR) or Legal.  We believe we will need godly people with expertise in both of these areas to help guide us through making sure we are conducting our Pastoral Search (and general church business) within the appropriate standards. 

Please let us know if you or someone you know/trust has this experience and would be interested in speaking to us!

Upcoming Financial report

We will be finalizing our first half (Jan-June) attendance and giving results soon and will schedule our first “Church Business Meeting”, likely after a Sunday service to make it as convenient as possible for everyone.  Watch for more information.

Have a blessed week!