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Church Update 06/13/23

by Mark L. Holz on June 13, 2023

Church Update 06/13/23  


Dear Church Family,  

Here is what's going on at LTBC this week..........   

Weekly prayer meetings – Tuesday Evenings at 6:00pm  

We’re setting out 16 chairs this week based on recent attendance which has been growing each week.  Maybe it’s your chair!  Let’s see what God brings!”   

Barnabas Ministry – David Kaja announced four nominations for the month of June bring our total to 705 Pastors touched by this ministry over the years.   

WANTED! – We are looking for individuals within the church (initially) or outside the church who have a background in either Human Resources (HR) or Legal.  We believe we will need godly people with expertise in these areas to help guide us through making sure we are conducting our Pastoral Search (and general church business) within the appropriate standards.  Please let us know if you or someone you know/trust has this experience!   

Pastoral Search – The committee is near completion of the initial “Educate” phase of our process.  This week we will be reviewing the "all church" survey you filled out last month to gain a better understanding of our church through your eyes.

As a reminder, the “Educate” phase is the first of the five steps we are following as part of this project.  The next steps are;

2.  Develop – The purpose of this step is to confirm/document “who we are” as a church and will include reviewing our “Statement of Faith”, “Mission Statement” and church “Tagline”.  If you would like to review our current ones, you can find them on our website at   

3.  Identify – Taking the information from the “Develop” stage and formulating it into a “profile” that identifies who we are as a church.  This establishes the “church” to later match it with “Pastoral” candidates to identify commonalities and differences for compatibility.    

4. Design – Design the “ideal candidate”, something we will be able to compare along with the “church” profile when we’re looking for alignment points with candidates.  Part of the design state will also involve designing the actual search process and strategies around it.    

5.  Execute – Once everything has been prepared and ready, we will then be ready to execute a Pastoral Search.   

If you have any questions around this, please let me know!

Have a blessed week!