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Church Update 06/05/23

by Mark L. Holz on June 5, 2023

Church Update 06/5/23


Dear Church Family,  

Here is what is going on at LTBC this week;   

Weekly prayer meetings – Tuesday Evenings at 6:00pm -  We’ve been averaging “exactly” twelve people each week, always leaving an extra chair or two for a 13th and last week that 13th person showed up!  We will be setting out 14 chairs this week and “see what God brings!”  All are welcome.   

Children’s Ministry – We have received and are processing applications for the registration of our volunteers.  Once that is completed, we will be able to more actively “advertise” this returning ministry to our church after a long absence.  If you have not signed up and are interested in volunteering to work with the children, please see Mike Avecilla or Zena Elliott. 

Our Pastoral Search Committee is nearing the completion of our reading reviews of "To What Should We Be Loyal?", by William McDonald and "When The Word Leads Your Pastoral Search", by Chris Brauns.  We encourage anyone interested to read these book as well to see what we are reviewing.  I have a couple of extra copies of the second book if anyone would like to borrow one.  

May Church Statistics – As promised last week, we shared our final attendance for May yesterday, a practice we plan to continue each month going forward. If you missed the service yesterday, here are the numbers that were shared; 

Weekly average attendance for February-April;  45-50 (estimated, excluding Easter)

Weekly attendance for May;  69 

Have a blessed week!