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Church Update 05/16/23

by Mark L. Holz on May 16, 2023

Church Update 5/16/23

Dear Church Family,
Weekly Tuesday Evening prayer meetings - 6pm 

Our prayer meetings continue to go strong.  It’s a great way to get to know others in the church and participate in praying for our church and community. 

Barnabas Ministry – Just a reminder to nominate any Pastors you believe could use encouragement, from anywhere in the United States or in our own back yard.  We have not received any nominations in several months and will be evaluating whether God is continuing to lead us in this direction or perhaps another.

Baptism Sunday – We are holding a baptismal service this coming Sunday immediately after the regular service with refreshments available following the baptisms.  We hope you can join us! 

“All Church” Surveys Due this Sunday! 

Thank you to those who have filled out your surveys and dropped them off in the basket out by the Barnabas box.  We are still collecting surveys as we want to capture everyone’s thoughts.  
If you haven’t yet filled one out, please do so, we are trying to have them all collected by this Sunday, May 21st 

Special Announcements; 

As we are developing more teams and growing again as a church, it’s time to start building structure to support it rather than just a "Church Administrator" keeping a bunch of balls in the air. 

1.      “Leadership Council” 

We have created what we’re calling a “Leadership Council” to provide oversight over all church functions.  This group is initially going to consist of Pastor Toby, Mike Avecilla and Mark Holz to create accountability and support in making decisions that impact the church.  I am excited about this next step in enhancing the stewardship of this church to be responsible to our assembly and pleasing to God. 

2.     “Church Safety Ministry” 

I’m pleased to announce that Mike Avecilla is now heading up a new area in the church called “Church Safety Ministries”.  With all that is going on in the world today, (not excluding an issue we had here a couple of weeks ago,) we feel it is prudent to have an organized process.  Mike will be working with others to coordinate the safety and security of our church and of our Children’s Ministries to insure we have the proper processes and procedures in place.  Part of that will be distributing volunteer applications this coming week for our volunteers who work with children so parents can have confidence in the safety of our emerging program. 

3.      Church Attendance  Reports

Listed below are the numbers we have started tracking this year in the areas of weekly attendance (which we just started in March)

Weekly averages for attendance:

March - 57
April – 80 (includes 110 on Easter)
Our current rate is 68.
We are currently conducting an audit of our finances in anticipation of a future Business meeting where we will share more details and the results of our all church survey currently being conducted.
We now have over 40 individuals involved in one ministry or another at LTBC.  What a blessing!

Have a great week!