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Church Update 03/27/23

by Mark L. Holz on March 27, 2023


Dear Church Family,
Some updates on the church..............

Weekly prayer meetings – Just a reminder of our weekly Tuesday Evening Prayer Meetings at 6:00pm.  All are welcome!

Fellowship Luncheon
A big thank you to our “Fellowship Committee” who put on a wonderful Lasagna and salad luncheon yesterday following church.  What a great gathering and time of togetherness for our assembly!  Your generosity covered the expenses for this event plus provided a “start” for our next one.  Thank you!

Communion Sunday next week .  We are making some changes to our Communion services to make sure this special time is set aside and gets the attention it deserves.  Next week Kevin Gause will be leading the Communion portion of the service and we will be increasing the number of servers to provide serving opportunities for more of our people.  Serving is a blessing, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you’re not yet plugged in and would like to be a part of any of our ministries.

HELP WANTED with our Services!   Our sister and precious saint, Kristi Perea has faithfully executed our Sunday morning slides for many years with few weeks off.  She needs and deserves a vacation!  We need to give her some support by developing a rotation of three to four people in this role rather than have it all fall on Kristi every week. 

We will train you and support any volunteers who step forward.  You should be comfortable working on a computer as well as a willingness to come in to start our weekly rehearsals at 8:30am on the Sundays you are serving. 

Please pray about serving in this way, it is a huge need for us and I know God will bring forward the right people, (he always does), and think seriously about whether one of those people might be you. 

Pastoral Search Committee

We now have seven people on our committee with a couple additional praying about their possible role.  The members are Larry Hicks, Diana Shellooe, Jimmy Valencia, Anthony Godoy, Darlene Grant, and Jim & Millie Jennings.  We hope to start planning and praying next month once the study books on order have come in for this group.  Please pray for these folks, that this group faithfully follows God’s guidance in this process and also pray for our future Pastor and his family. 

Financial Accounting review

Dede and I are meeting this week to review another part of our banking processes and also with an Accountant from Calvary Chapel Modesto to see what help they might be in evaluating our processes.  Once we’ve gotten this reviewed, we will schedule our first of what I hope will be a quarterly business meeting to review church finances so you are the loop to have confidence in the church and to see how God is blessing us.

Also, we will start posting weekly attendance and giving reports on the front screen prior to the service starting this Sunday so you can be more aware and see how our church is being blessed in these areas. 

Thank you for all you are doing, have a blessed week!