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Church Update 01/16/23

by Mark Holz on January 16, 2023

Dear Church Family, 
Thank you to all who were present for a special Sunday service yesterday following the passing of Pastor Ted Friday night.  It was a solemn time of reflection and sharing as a number of men from the congregation came up and shared scripture and reflections.  I hope you were comforted and encouraged that the Good News of the Bible means our Pastor is now rejoicing with our Savior in Heaven.
We are once again posting current services on our website at in case you would like to view yesterday's service as well as any past services at this link.
Ted Mustill (
We have been asked about memorial services for Pastor Ted and will share any news on that as soon as it is available.
Other announcements:

Tuesday Night Prayer Meetings - This ministry continues to thrive each week averaging over a dozen saints present to pray in concert with others for the community, the church, the Mustill family and many other things.  Especially during this time of sadness, this is another way to connect with your church family for comfort and encouragement.
Annual Giving Statements - These are being processed and will start being distributed next week via email.  For those we do not have an email for, they will be sent hard copy through the US mail.  If your email has changed in the last year, please let us know so we can make sure our records are current.
Church email non-deliveries - We have received reports from a number of people that they are not receiving our weekly email updates.  If that has happened to you:
1.  Check your "Spam" folder in your email service.  "Bulk" emails of this type can often be re-routed to spam folders, it is a good idea to check your Spam folder once a week in any case to make sure you are not missing important messages.
2.  Contact us and let us know your email address.  We can check our database to make sure you are listed accurately.

Thank you for your faithfulness to God and His church here at LTBC.  If you are reading this, know you are valued and appreciated.  God is blessing this church right now and will continue to do so as long as we continue to be focused on seeking His will for this congregation.  Remember always that He, and He alone is in charge.

God bless,