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Church Update 02/06/23

by Mark Holz on February 6, 2023

Dear Church Family,

What a weekend we just had.  One of remembrance, joy, some sadness, but importantly, also one of celebration.   It was a rare occasion where the entire "Church of Copperopolis" was together and God was exalted throughout.   

How blessed have we been to have had Pastor Ted for so many years?  His leadership, his guidance, his sense of humor, his love and most of all, the example he provided of one who trusted the Lord.   The greatest tribute this church could give to him is to carry on that legacy.  Of trusting Jesus in everything.  Of “seeing what God brings” not through our eyes, but deliberately searching through His.

And it’s time to commence that journey and see where God is taking this.

Please pray for the following three things:

  • That we as a church body seek His will for this church and keep open our eyes and minds as we do so.
  • That a sound process, following the Biblical example is developed so we have a solid foundation as we proceed with identifying leadership in the church.
  • That godly leadership rises to help guide our assembly in an appropriate manner.
  • I will be sharing progress in this area as God brings it to light.

A special thank you to Kevin Gause, who listened when God called and followed his heart to share an important message with all of us on Sunday.   I pray that others are encouraged to do the same.   What a blessing it would be to have one or more saints take a moment to share what is on their heart each week or what God is doing in their life.  You don’t have to be a great speaker, just have a desire to add to the sense of family at our church.

Monthly Potlucks?

The leftover food available Sunday morning from the previous day’s event was enjoyed and created a wonderful time of fellowship after the service.  That’s part of what a healthy church looks like!   Fellowship, the breaking of bread and wonderful conversation.

I would like to see if we have some members who are willing to step forward to form a team that would coordinate a potluck once a month, once a quarter, etc. (to be determined) as a time of fellowship for our assembly.    What a blessing that would be!  Just an idea, interested in your feedback!

Needs at The Foothill Pregnancy Center

During the last round of extremely heavy rainstorms that came through the area, the staff and volunteers came in on a Monday morning to find five inches of water throughout the center.  It took several days to get all things that needed to be removed out of the facility, much of which had to be placed in storage.  This resulted in closing our doors to many who had scheduled appointments for ultrasounds, and pregnancy or parenting education.  Lake Tulloch Bible Church participates in the annual baby bottle fund raiser for the Center and DeDe has volunteered her time doing ultrasounds there for many years.

Foothill Pregnancy Center has posted information on Facebook to accept donations, which will hopefully assist with their plans to have space they can call their own for the important service they provide in Sonora and the surrounding communities.  To learn more, go to Facebook, search ‘Foothill Pregnancy Center’, you will find a more detailed explanation of the purpose for the fundraiser.

Just a reminder, tomorrow night is our Weekly Tuesday Evening Prayer Meeting at 6pm at the church.  As Kevin said yesterday, this hour long concert of prayer has been a true blessing to all who have attended.   Please pray about if God may be leading you to join us.

In His Service With You,