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 Pastors Encouraged to Date:    573

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Reaching Pastors nationwide with prayer & encouragement
Barnabas's name means "Son of Encouragement". When the Apostle Paul was first starting out his ministry, he became very discouraged. Along came Barnabas whom God sent to be an encourager to Paul.

LTBC has launched Project Barnabas as an outreach ministry to encourage pastors nationwide. Our goal is to bless and encourage 50 Pastors over the next year. If you would like to nominate a Pastor, please take a form from the information booth at church or fill out the nomination  by clicking the link on this page. Nominees who are chosen will receive a gift of $100.00 along with a letter of encouragement as a reminder that our church family is praying for them.

Nominated Pastors can be viewed and contributions can be made to this ministry  at the Barnabas Bucks Box located on the wall at the church

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David Kaja


Recent Nominations

September 2018

Pastor Nick Duffel
Canyon Springs Christian Church
Middleton, ID
nominated by:
Leslie and Jon Watkins

Pastor Lydia Dayton
Stanton Methodist Church
Stanton, NE
nominated by:
Eva Keyser

Pastor Larry Crawford Jr.
The Aztec Baptist Church
Aztec, NM
nominated by:
Eva Keyser

 Pastor Ignatio Cornejo
Calvary Chapel
Guadalupe, CA
Ted & DeDe Mustill