America: A Celebration of Liberty

This is a very special weekend, it is our nation’s 238th birthday, and a celebration of Liberty! Every Fourth of July, we remember something that in 1776 was a really an amazing event. An event that shook the world with its boldness. An event when we declared our independence, and voiced an even more incredible claim–that all men are created by God as equals and that each has a right to ―life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. This was unheard of in the 18th Century, a time where status and power were determined by land, birthright, titles, and wealth. But under the Providence of God, our forefathers decided that we were free to choose our own destiny. That was really a very remarkable feat. And it was made all the more amazing by actually winning the Revolutionary war with Great Britain!
We need to understand that the freedom, we enjoy today, was a foreign concept when America was born. Today, in our politically correct time, some revisionist historians question God’s providence in creating this country. And they deny it’s building on Biblical foundations for His glory by men who esteemed Him. But that is simply nonsense! Don’t believe their slanted views on American history. Instead we need to consider the writings of the men who were actually there as our nation’s founders developed this great republic.
As we celebrate this 4th of July holiday, let’s remember that we should not lose heart, even though we don’t have a Washington, Lincoln, or even a Reagan to lead us today. Because the truth of the American idea is the same today as it was 238 years ago when this nation was birthed. We can all make a difference in our land because we have the 2 most important ingredients: We have the providence of God and we have us.  It is you and I, with the providence of God, that can make a difference for righteousness. Because, despite our country’s mistakes and sins, we still have much to be proud of as a Christian nation. We are founded clearly on Christian principles by men who were believers, or at the very least, God-fearing men. And America has taken to heart the biblical mandates to use our freedom as Paul said, “Serve one another humbly in love.”
Despite those who demean our values and heritage, we can all stand up for her. And we can do what we can to preserve those godly pillars that have meant so much too so many for so long.  For we are truly “One Nation Under God”.
Happy Birthday America!
(Adapted from sermon message: America: A Celebration of Liberty  -  ltbc 2014)


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