The Sparrow Project Can Help

Autumn is showing colors and offering comfortable days we can all enjoy though the trade off means we have less sunlight in our day as we "fall back".   I do love this season as we transition to winter.  

For some, making a transition of any kind can be difficult.  There may issues of loneliness, feeling sad or having trouble solving problems.  The Sparrow Project can help.  SPARROW stands for Senior Peer Alliance Rural Research On Wellness.  It is a wellness project sponsored by the Motherlode Office of Catholic Charities.  They offer 12 weeks of case management and therapy or 12 weeks of self-guided support with a Senior Peer Counselor.  There is no cost for the program as it is covered by a grant in partnership with UCSF.  
The program is for those 60+ who qualify.  Participants will receive a gift card as a financial incentive to participate.
if you are interested in learning more or know of someone who could benefit from the Sparrow Project,
please call (209)532-7632 for more details.  All calls are confidential.



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