Ready for 2016

We humans love do-overs.  The new year has begun and we can wipe the slate clean and start again. The beginning of a new year offers a fresh perspective to make a concious decision to change something in our lives.  It may be a bad habit that needs to change or maybe a change of mind or a change of heart is a great way to self-improve going forward in 2016.

Even though studies show that many fail in keeping their new year resolutions ( can I get an amen:)- hope is not lost!  Pick a moment that can be viewed as a fresh start such as the first of the month or beginning of a week or your birthday and try again.  Looking at other opportunities for a do-over gives many more chances to work toward a positive goal throughout the year ahead.
So, give yourself the gift of perseverance and get back on that horse ready to blaze the trail of God's amazing grace.  Happy New Year!



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