The month of March is designated as national nutrition month with 2015 theme of “bite into a healthy lifestyle”.  The focus being on adopting healthy eating patterns and an exercise plan for life. 
I once read, we should eat to live – not live to eat! 
While in So. Cal recently, I was commenting on the number of restaurants and eatery’s there are; sit down, take out, fast food, buffet, diners and drive up windows to name a few. 
While the number of establishments and food choices is plentiful, the amount of nutrition one receives from the food could be a different matter altogether.  Adopting healthy eating patterns involves knowing which foods are nutritionally dense and not only satisfy hunger, but feed our bodies with the nutrients we need for energy metabolism and cell replacement.
Foods in their freshest forms are best and including fruits and vegetables with a variety of colors into our diets helps to get maximum vitamin and mineral support to promote overall health.  I love a great salad bar with lots of fresh food items to arrange on my plate.
Eating out can be challenging, but with so many restaurants to choose from, it’s fun to try something new.  Who knows?  You may hit on a great ethnic dish that’s low calorie and delicious.
For additional info on ways to conquer your new year’s resolutions to get healthy, check out
One final note for the readers of this blog and those who may need some extra help in obtaining nutritious food to supplement their food budget.  The Copperopolis Community Food Pantry is open the third Thursday of each month from 1:00-4:00pm and the location is Lake Tulloch Bible Church.  Food and monetary donations are always welcome and tax-deductible through Copper Canyon Baptist Church.  Local growers may donate excess produce.


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