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6 Months

6 Month - New Testament

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Read Through the New Testament in 6 Months

Bible Study Reading Plans

Bible Reading Plans

There are various Bible Reading Plans to choose from.  The plans range from reading the New Testament in 6 months to reading the entire Bible in 2 years.

Straight Through:         Starts at Genesis and goes straight through to the end of the Bible

Chronological:              Starts at the earliest event & continues in a chronological order

Old - Psalms - New:       Daily reading from the Old and New Testaments as well as Psalms

In order to view the reading plans you need Adobe Reader (free)  If you do not have Adobe Reader, "click" on the Get Adobe Icon below to download the free reader software.  (Note:   When you get to the site from the link below - The Get McAfee Antivirus Software box is checked by default. Uncheck the box BEFORE clicking on the orange "Download" button)    

One Year

Two Years

One Year - Straight Through

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One Year - Chronological

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One Year - Old-Psalms-New

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Two Years - Straight Through

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