Frequently Asked Questions

This page is to answer questions that may arise.  This page will be updated as common questions come in by using the email link  to the webmaster on the Contact Us Page . 

If your question is not on this page, please feel free to click on this email link ►  to submit your question. We will try to answer your question as soon as we read the email. 


How can I find out more about the events which are posted on the Home page under 'This Week at LTBC"
Each event listed under "This Week at LTBC" has a title. By clicking on the title name you will be taken to that events details for further information. You can also go the events page and click on the event posted on the calendar
I want to request prayer but I don't want my prayer posted on the website
When you click on the Prayer Request - Praise Report button, the prayer request link simply opens a blank email for you to fill out. The email is sent to our Director of Prayer Ministry. Your prayer request will not be posted on the website but will be sent to our Cyber Saints Prayer Warrior Team
How Do I Download A Sermon
If you click on the download audio link, underneath the title of the current Sermon selected, your internet browser will open another window on your computer and the sermon will start playing. Depending on the program your computer uses to play the sermon , you would save the sermon however that program usually saves audio files. For Example: on Internet Explorer, perhaps Windows Media Player automatically opens and starts playing the sermon. Depending on the version you may right click on the sermon title within Windows Media Player and save it to a playlist or make a new playlist to save it to. You can then go to your Music folder and you should be able to see the sermon within your music folder. Or you may click on the "switch to library" button located int upper right corner of the screen, once Windows Media player switches screen you can use the FILE menu and select "Save As" to save the sermon to your computer. On Mozilla Firefox you may see a dark screen with a white box in the center. If you right click within the white box (or white playing progress ribbon" you will get an option to save or email the audio file.