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Project Barnabas is a mission outreach of LTBC to U.S. Pastors in all 50 states. Our mission is to encourage U.S. Pastors in their role of bring the good news to those in their communities. Each Barnabas Pastor becomes part of our pastoral prayer ministry and receives a gift of $100.00 for their personal use as an encouragement to keep pressing on.
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PLEASE OBSERVE THE FOLLOWING GUIDELINES FOR NOMINATION: Nominee must be a current Pastor who is actively pastoring a church in the United States. Please complete the nomination form, with all the information including the church name and mailing address and your reason for the nomination. Pastors can only be nominated once to receive a Barnabas Gift. Nominations are in order of the date received by LTBC. Please complete a separate nomination form for each Pastor your choose to nominate. Nominated Pastors are posted monthly on the wall by the Barnabas Bucks Box at the church.
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